Yin + Vin = Relaxation

Round 2
Come join us for an super cozy evening of Yin Yoga with Tammy from TLW Yoga. After the 1 hour session we will relax even further with a discussion on value wines – while sampling of course!
Wear comfy clothes, bring a friend and book fast as this will sell out – only 14 spaces available.

Cost: $35
Friday Maay 3rd
e-transfers accepted to reserve your space or buy online – link below

Location: TLW Yoga Studio, 133 Fawn Crescent (Hanwell – off Deerwood)

Meila, will be upstairs to greet us (that’s the fur baby). She’s super friendly but does bark alerting us to your arrival. Practice will be downstairs in the private studio. Meila may join but if you are uncomfortable we will remove her from the studio.

Yin yoga is a more meditative approach and involves deep stretching. No experience needed. (Trust me – I’m a novice!)