Mr. Nicolas Galy was born in the South of France, Roussillon Region. 3rd generation of winemakers and wine producers known as Domaine Galy which was back in 1995 one of the most important in the Roussillon region with 250 Hectares in the Muscat de Rivesaltes, Maury-Banyuls and Cote du Roussillon appellation. Did my first harvest at the age of 6 with my dad and grandfather where I was helping the employees in the vineyard and the winery. I have always worked in the vineyard during my school holidays until I turned 18 where I left to stay 3 years in Limoux to get my wine diplomas in 2002, land of the 1st sparkling wine ever in Sieurs D’Arques winery where I worked for a few months.

In 2003, I joined Perpignan University where I got a Bachelors of International Business where I went to work for Moet & Chandon in Argentina, Mendoza (Terrazas de los Andes). At that time I wanted to see by myself the booming of what we were used to called the New World Wines. I have worked with the export and winemakers team on the Cheval des Andes project, joint-venture with Chateau Cheval Blanc in France, Bx.

In 2005 got the opportunity to join the prestigious Montpellier Business School (Part of the top 10 best business school in France). During my first year, I worked in Spain (Castilla La Mancha region) for the most important family owned winery Bodega Fontana where I led the European export department for 1 year. Right after this experience, got back to France to graduate my Master Degree in Sciences of Management 2 years later.

Shortly after I had the opportunity to get second Master Degree in Mkt at the Dublin Institute of Technology in Ireland. Played rugby in the most famous rugby club in the city and when I graduated I got an offer from DIAGEO Ireland to be part of their retail Sales team in September 2008.

And one day I met a nice Canadian girl from Montreal, which I decided to leave everything for to try a new challenge in Canada. I firstly became a small chef in a small restaurant in town in order to full feel my passion for cooking French dishes until I get a call from L’Oréal Canada to become their National Director for a medical brand called Skinceuticals. I was then leading a team of 12 across the country. My mission was to coach a sales team and create a sales strategy for the brand. This experience was a great learning for me to understand the different cultural aspect of Canada.

Eventually, shortly after this experience, back in 2015 I got a call from Gerard-Bertrand asking to work for him Canada and in US, based in Montreal. I was pleased to accept when you know back in 1997, I was selling my dad’s wine in the French supermarket and one of the main competitor at that time was…. Gerard-Bertrand.

Outside school, Cooking and the family business, I have played rugby for about 15 years like my grandpa and dad in the famous rugby team from Perpignan, called USAP. The last 3 years I was semi-professional rugby player and had to stop my career to pursue my school education.

Nicolas Galy
Les vins Gérard-Bertrand