Open that bottle – seriously!

Since its inception back in 2000 by columnists Dorothy J. Gaiter and John Brecher, “Open that bottle night” or OTBN, has grown in popularity. Held every year on the last Saturday in February, meaning here in 2021 – it’s this Saturday, February 27th. This also happens to be the beginning of our “March Break” here in New Brunswick which can be cause for celebration in-and-of-itself. I often voice how every day is an occasion to be celebrated – most think it’s in jest but, we are never promised tomorrow. Yet, I am guilty of just that, holding onto a bottle because seeing it, touching it brings back memories of places and people.

It’s quite common when I do private tastings, to be shown the host’s wine cellar (or storage area) and to be asked questions about the wines they have and if/when they should open it. Although, some wines can be cellared for YEARS, decades even, a question I always ask is – “Why are you saving it?” Perhaps this comes to me from one of my favourite movies “City of Angles” where Nicolas Cage’s character asks – “What did you like best?”

Wine is more than just fermented grape juice, it’s emotional able of evoking memories from the past and enticing visions of futures to come; wine is meant to be enjoyed and shared (if you can #COVID).

Whether you have a “Steady 10” to gather, plan to organize a Zoom session, or simply revel in your own company, my question to you is – “What will you open and why?” Tell me the story! Post a photo using #OTBN and #winebynight in either Twitter, IG or FB – feel free to tag me too 🙂

I’m going to open one of my hoarded BC wines and flip through my photobook, reminiscing of times not so long ago when we could travel with friends. I’ll likely muse and write something for later; I may even light a sparkler in celebration…

xo – Charlotte